by The Dolphins

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released November 10, 2012



all rights reserved


The Dolphins East Lansing, Michigan

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Track Name: Gatsby
Can't see, you know I can't see, just what this blue tide, has done to me
Head north, along the Gulf Coast, you know that's what I enjoy the most
It's somewhere, just around here, oh yeah, the Gatsby, is what I mean
Can't tell, you know I can't tell, just what this place, will to me

I open the door inside, and we drown ourselves with wine
I could hardly grasp her mind, as she whispers another lie
She almost made me cry
What did she say? Say it one more time, because I...

Can't hear, you know that I fear, when i go crazy, where will you be?
Out west, you know that it's best, when you get out there, just do the rest
Stay there, you know I'll be here, just what will happen, I'll have to see
Can't tell, you know I can't tell, just what that Gatsby, will do to me

And the roll of the tide, quivers the people outside
We've all lost our minds, as the water floods inside
The party has just arrived
Now I see no other time...

To stand here, oh just to stand here, you know that's what I enjoy the most
Butler, you are no stranger, to my behavior, let's do a toast
Yes, dear, I think it's quite clear, since you have left here, now I can see
Drowning, yes we're all drowning, inside this manor of the Gatsby